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So Covid… So good…

So Covid… So good…

I have been a bit distracted by various things recently but I am now at a point where I can get on with my life! Wife got a job, Son going back to Uni and I am very invigorated by a few new projects.

I need to get the Garage finished now, we have done some stuff over the last few months since the apocalypse but I have been unable to have a concerted effort on the things I wanted to finish. I have a big incentive to do that now and after running an errand on the weekend with the Mrs I am going to get it sorted.

  • clear out the accumulated lockdown rubbish
  • sort the tools
  • get the enclosure for the printer and CNC sorted
  • finish the workbench (nearly done needs a fence for the table saw)
  • clear the “dumping bench” so I can dedicate it to the printer and CNC

On top of this I have discovered Rust and embedded Rust and I am very impressed with the language and the ethos of the language design. Lots of potential and I am very much into tinkering on a Nucleo 64 (stm32) dev board at the moment. Lots to learn there….

I will update further with other things from lock-down shortly – photos and toys 🙂