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Modding again.

I dabbled a little in modding minecraft before, and now after some time I am getting into the whole thing again. Much has changed since 1.6/1.7 and I have had to relearn quite a few things that I thought I understood, but that’s the initial challenge.

I have a github repository now and unlike before I am going to use gradle properly for the setup and download of dependencies. I am also now using the jetbrains idea IDE which I have to say is much easier than eclipse to understand, although because of gradle, switching from one to the other is a simple operation.

In addition, I have looked into Kerbal modding and this is based on the Unity engine at its heart. Consequently this requires me to learn C# to write any mods. It’s not too far from Java and I am using Microsoft Tools at work but I have more ideas on what to do in Minecraft than Kerbal which is a whole different mindset. A Magic mod wouldn’t be too useful in kerbal 😀 although I did have one possible mod in mind. We’ll see…