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Slow weekend doing bits and bobs…

Slow weekend doing bits and bobs…

So I was ill on friday and I’m recovering so no major woodworking this week. I’m off on Monday next week so I am intending to make the table saw bench and finally get all the big stuff done in the garage.

I bought myself a second hand “Bigma” lens for our trip this summer. I want to get back into doing some wildlife photography so when I get to California I will be able to take advantage of all the sights we’ll see 🙂

So far….

  • Fixed the power supply on my linux machine, got the network storage back up and running.
  • Going to get the spindle and VFD running on the CNC so that I can use the machine more (Noise of the Makita router is terrible!)
  • Might cut and finish some more shelves if I feel better tomorrow.
  • Test the lens I bought and see how it performs
First post

First post

So this is my new blog where I will detail some of the stuff I am doing. It’s mainly for myself as I want to record things so I can remember what I did in the coming years. Will add some more content soon. Below are some test elements and blocks.

"use_strict"; import * as path from 'path'; import { Disposable, ExtensionContext, workspace, debug, OutputChannel, window, tasks } from 'vscode'; import { LanguageClient, LanguageClientOptions, ServerOptions, TransportKind, ForkOptions } from 'vscode-languageclient';