The Trouble with Tourists

Dliny and Carte, socialites of the Kerbal aristocracy and looking for new thrills came to Kasa and asked us whether they could fly in one of our craft. They both wanted to be the first to take a selfie with the planet and then post it to MyKerbBook. We said no of course and they offered money and we decided to think again.

The big problem was that neither of them could fly and we needed them to survive to get paid. Werner suggested we get a good lawyer and just fire them into orbit, but or bad lawyer said that would cost more than getting them back and we had to think again.

Eventually the guy changing the light bulbs in the command centre realised that the remote controlled lighting and air-conditioning in the office could be modified to control a rocket! He was hired and started the electronics department. He added a nice range of lights to the mix too 🙂



The configuration that worked in the end was one in which two command modules were placed one on top of the other. The control system sat on-top of these so that the heat of re-entry wouldn’t fry it.


Dliny and Carte were ecstatic on their return, luckily they thought that the near disaster that happened after final separation was simply us keeping them closer together during their experience *phew*


They were down and we were back in the black. After waving them goodbye we found that there was a flood of requests to travel! Having a spare rocket we decided to do one more trip and Magda and Franbella were the 3rd and 4th tourists.


This time the final separation went much smoother and everyone breathed a sigh of relief as we cashed their cheque. All this media coverage had led to wannabe kerbinauts attempting to get into space by themselves. The problem is that none of them seemed to think about getting back – we were called on to so a rescue. Our tracking team plotted an orbit and we ran simulations.


We could get close, but our knowledge was lacking, the inclination and alignment was ok, but we never came close enough to transfer Debilian from his scrap ship to the Mun-Bus ™  (our tourist ship). We always seemed to run out of fuel before being able to correct the orbit.The planners needed to pull an all nighter to see how this could be done…





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