Fly me to the mun…

Ice cool Glendine Kerbal has moved from being the new girl in the space  centre to being the hero of Kerbin. Our first moon pass has been achieved without a hitch. Including and EVA during the pass by.


After a smooth transition to a low Kerbin Orbit, the tracking station plotted the course for the Mun.




Glendine executed the course to perfection and said good by to Kerbin for the long trip. She decided at that point to do the Kerbin Times crossword to kill a few minutes and sat back for the ride.



After drifting in the emptiness for what seemed like only a moment the Mun was near.



Glendine prepared the final approach, she poised her finders above the controls ready to correct any mistakes in the course, her fear visible as the pass was made. But it was perfect! Glendine saluted as she flew over the  peak on the mun where Valentine was likely to have died. It has been named Mt. Smear in her honour. Quickly she did the science experiments, and prepared for an EVA, this was the icing on the cake. 2015-05-15_00012

There was the chance to take measurements for some private companies, but there wasn’t enough fuel to enter a mun orbit. That would have to wait. Tracking contacted Glendine and relayed the course correction required to get back home.



This was going to be tricky, the only way back was straight down. She was about to fall from the Mun to kerbin. The tricky bit was stopping at the other end. She said her farewells to Mun vowing to return. and began her decent..


Glendine was hitting 2800m/s as she hit the atmosphere, although that quickly slowed, she just hoped enough to depoly the parachute!


Tracking lost contact for a moment at this point but our hero glendine survived. The chute did its job and she splashed down in the Kerbal Sea where her ship was recoved successfully a few hours later.


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