Planes before Manley…


The Kerbal engineers got to work and created a plane, they took their inspiration from a paper dart they created the week before. Amazingly the plane flew.





We had a contract to test the Weasley engine at certain height and speed. We reached 10k fairly easily but the speed was simply unobtainable even when diving straight down. We tried a few variants of this model in an effort to get the speed:



try4 try3

But it didn’t matter what we tried it just didn’t work. Then Werner had a brainwave. The contract didn’t say it had to be tested on a plane. We could test the engine on a rocket!

tester1 tester2

Job done! we got the cash and Werner realised that the windgs we made for the plane could be modified on a rocket allowing us to use the more powerful (and lighter) reliant engine and still steer. A stroke of genius…



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